Individual Therapy

The heart and emphasis of my work is to help you know and trust your deepest feelings and to live an emotionally authentic life. When you become more intimate and present with yourself you become more intimate and authentic with others.

Sustaining an intimate connection with yourself and others can be challenging with the stress and demands of daily life. We easily lose touch with our inner world and forget or neglect our personal truths, dreams and passions when we’re swept up with everyday responsibilities and distractions. Individual therapy can be an opportunity to reconnect with your deeper self and to reflect on what holds true meaning.

I’ve found individual therapy can help you:

  • Find and follow your inner voice and truth
  • Know and trust yourself and your body’s messages better
  • Express yourself more openly and honestly with others
  • Have increased intimacy and authenticity in your relationships
  • Uncover and revise limiting beliefs and negative self-concepts
  • Decrease depression, anxiety and inner conflict
  • Have greater purpose, focus and direction
  • Honor your grief and losses as a vehicle for transformation
  • Have greater self-acceptance and self-love
  • Develop more clarity, contentment and life meaning
  • Connect more freely with your true or higher self

Using mindfulness, presence and engaged self-inquiry, I can assist you in turning your attention to important emotional concerns as well as to how the body is expressing unconscious beliefs and feelings. Exploring emotions, feelings and beliefs as well as physical and bodily sensations as they unfold in the therapy process allows for deep, embodied change and transformation.

Integrating body, mind and heart in an experiential approach to therapy will help you cultivate a more intimate and alive connection with your deepest self. Accessing your true self and having more embodied awareness allows you to live more consciously with greater intention, choice and purpose.